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Eastern Idaho is home to some of the best rivers for fly fishing in the world.  The Henrys Fork, the South Fork of the Snake River, & the Teton River are the three most fished rivers here at Three Rivers Ranch.  However, many of the other rivers, lakes, & reservoirs in the area are all ‘bucket list’ worthy.  Here is a look at some of the places we would love to take you fishing:

Henry’s Fork

The Henrys Fork of the Snake River is a river only rivaled by very few in the world.  It is the North Fork of the Snake River & is approximately 127 miles long.  The Henrys Fork is a tremendous dry fly river that fishes year round.  Everyone deserves a chance at fishing the Henrys Fork at some point in their lives.  Learn More…

S.F. Snake River

The South Fork of the Snake River provides an experience few other rivers in America can provide.  Grassy banks, small channels, gravel bars, and soaring eagles all can be seen on this river.  There are nearly 4000 fish per mile & the ‘canyon section’ is nearly 40 miles of ‘must see’ and ‘must fish’ rivers.  Learn More…

Teton River

The Teton River is the largest tributaries of the Henrys Fork.  It’s nearly 82 miles long and flows through the watchful peaks of the Teton mountains in the Teton Valley.  It has a beautiful canyon section & flows through fertile farmlands of Eastern Idaho.  It has prolific hatches throughout the season & makes for some of the best fly fishing for any angler.

Owyhee River

The Owyhee River is located in Southwest Oregon.  We fish the tailwater section just below Owyhee Dam.  It flows through an arid high mountain desert with rugged cliffs, the smell of sagebrush, & plenty of wildlife. It’s home to plenty of 20-24″ Brown trout and is well known for it dry fly fishing throughout the entire year.  Learn More…