What’s a Hopper/Dropper?  It’s grasshopper season! Pretty much anywhere in the Yellowstone-Teton territory you can find grasshoppers right now along any grassy river bank. Once those summer winds hit them, hoppers fall into the passing stream making a delicious meal for hungry trout. Hoppers tend to come out around mid-late July and often last through fall or until the first frost sets in.


How do I use a Hopper/Dropper?  By using an imitation grasshopper pattern, tie a bead head or any different nymph pattern about 12-20 inches below your hopper pattern. Your hopper works at the indicator if the fish takes the nymph pattern, or they may take your hopper. It’s a two for one!  Typically fish tend to go crazy for this combination on just about any stretch including the Henry’s Fork, Teton and South Fork. Float your hopper along the banks of the river, or at this time of year find the white foam line on the seams and drift along there.

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