Three Rivers Ranch recently had the opportunity to be featured in a documentary that premiered this past weekend called Idaho, the Movie. The one-hour television, “Planet Earth” style documentary is about ‘one of America’s most spectacular and least known states’. The movie features well known places and hidden treasures throughout the Gem State.

Lonnie Allen and Three Rivers Ranch guides, Todd Allen, Paul Beckley, BJ Gerhart, Eric Grigg, and Tim Trafton helped row the crew of Wide Eye Productions down the famed South Fork of the Snake River, which is one of the locations featured in the film. Three Rivers guests Susan McDowell and David Wright, as well as Shellie Blanchard also lent their fly fishing skills to the film shoot. The crew was able to capture breathtaking scenes along with some fun fly fishing footage.  Lonnie also had the opportunity to speak in the film on the beauty of the South Fork of the Snake River, its famed fishing capabilities, the majestic wildlife it boasts and the reasons she feels fortunate to live in the beautiful state of Idaho.

Tim Woodward, a well known Idaho columnist and writer wrote and narrates the one hour film, which he calls a ‘love letter to Idaho’. The film features spectacular cinematography of Idaho rivers, lakes, mountains, deserts and more.

The movie is available to purchase and will continue to air throughout the upper Northwest including local stations in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Northern California and Alaska throughout the month of December. Check your local listings to be sure to catch this fantastic documentary.

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