Three Rivers Ranch Guide School: May 2017 Class

Three Rivers Ranch Guide School – May 2017

Our May guide school went off during the peak of the salmon fly hatch.  Sure, not every class will be as lucky, but with the sheer quality of fishing around here, makes both spring and fall sessions ideal for any angler.

We are confident our guide school is the best in the business.  Don’t take our word for it, here is a review from a recent graduate (and now working guide):

Jacob P. “As my flight from Denver to Idaho Falls pushed back from the gate, I found myself wondering what my experience would be for the upcoming week of guide school. However, within the first few hours of spending time at the ranch getting to know the instructors and other students at the school, I knew that the upcoming week would be a fantastic opportunity to soak in years of knowledge.

I believe that what separates the Three Rivers Ranch Guide School program from similar programs throughout the country is the mutual respect everyone has for each other. This mutual respect is based on everyone having the same passion for fly fishing and the desire to become better at it. This desire to be better allowed people from all over the country from all walks of life to find knowledge and instruction in others, while putting their own spin on it. That was a beautiful thing to see, how there was not a cookie cutter right or wrong way to do things, and you could let your own personality or preferences show while you fish.

Another thing worth mentioning about the Three Rivers Ranch Guide School would be the lack of a divide between the faculty of the organization. Not only did we spend time together off of the water enjoying a meal or relaxing by the fire after a day of fishing, but everyone also strived to make the other’s lives easier while being kind and respectful, which led to an environment conducive to learning as much about the art of fly fishing as possible. Because of the mutual respect and kind-hearted folks of the ranch, I was able to retain more knowledge than I could have ever dreamed of, and I will remember this experience for as long as I am here.

Three Rivers Ranch not only taught me how to be a better guide, but how to be a better person, and the lessons I learned there apply to life on and off the water. I can only hope that now, armed with this knowledge, I will be able to share my love of fishing and inspire someone else to pursue it as well.”

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May 2017

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