Fly Fishing the Teton River

The Teton River is an 81.5 mile-long tributary of the Henrys Fork of the Snake River. It drains through the Teton Valley along the western side of the Idaho-Wyoming border. It’s location along the Tetons provides the river with more rainfall than many other rivers in the region.

The Teton River provides some of the best fly fishing for both the beginner and the advanced angler. The fish, which consist of Rainbow, Cutthroat, Cutt-bows, and Brook Trout, as well as Whitefish, grow quite large in the Teton River due to the prolific hatches occurring throughout the spring and into the fall. Because of the many springs that feed it, the Teton maintains a near constant temperature in the upper stretch. This makes for ideal conditions for great hatches. When the water temperature does not vary much, the mayflies, caddis and stoneflies can continually reproduce, resulting in big fat fish and happy fisherman.

Pale Morning dun mayflies and Caddis flies hatches start around the middle of June. This hatch generally lasts throughout the season. Baetis, Mahogany duns and Rusty spinners hatches come off in July and last well into fall. Grasshoppers appear around late July and provide some great fishing into early September and beyond. The Grey Drake hatches start in September, the drakes are a very large mayfly and are about 1 – 1 1/2 inches in size, this is the most exciting time to fish the Teton because you’ll find that you will probably have the river to yourself. Bellow Harrop Bridge you will see Stoneflies, as large as three inches in early June and sequentially smaller stoneflies throughout the rest of the season. At times you may have to fish a nymph dropper off an attracter fly but most of the time a single attracter fly is all that is needed to bring fish after fish to the surface. The flies you will be using here include stoneflies, hoppers, mayfly patterns, Caddis, attracters of every kind, and streamers in some rare instances.

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Teton, Big Hole, and the Snake River Mountain Ranges
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806 sq miles in Idaho & 327 sq miles in Wyoming
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Gallons of water breeched Teton Dam in less than 6 hours.
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