The snow on the Valley floor has mostly melted, and the rivers are in prime shape to get in some early season fishing. With all that we are dealing with in regards to the Covid-19, it’s not a bad time to utilize social distancing and get out into the outdoors and catch some fish.

All three of our rivers are currently fishing well. The reservoirs are full, our snowpack is above average, and we are having plenty of 40+ degree days. Many of the boat ramps are accessible, but bring a long rope to navigate some of the longer boat ramps. They don’t plow the actual boat ramp, but they plow the parking lots. Feel free to contact any of our shops for the most updated reports.

The South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report

The South Fork of the Snake River is in great shape so far this season and fishing very well. Keep an eye on any potential flow increases, but the upper section is around 500 CFS, and that is a great spring flow. Nymphing has been the most productive form, but streamers have been working as well. We are seeing some great midge hatches on certain days. Your best bets for nymphs are going to be midge patterns, Rubber legs, small tactical nymphs, egg patterns, and perdigons. Depth is going to be important as the trout will most likely be near or on the bottom. Using a two-fly set-up with a larger/heavy nymph in the set-up will help you get down or adding split-shot. For streamer fishing, Olive and white colored (or partly colored) streamers have been best. Remember that the water is still cold, so slow down your retrieves a bit. Dry flies have been coming off later in the day, and midge patterns have been the ticket. We will start seeing some caddis and Baetis when the temperatures rise in the next few weeks. Concentrate on spring fishing spots and not your usual summer spots.

Flows : Irwin ~ 5100 CFS , Heise ~ 6480 CFS

USGS Water-data graph for site 13181000

The Henry’s Fork Fishing Report

The Henry’s Fork has been a very productive river to fish so far this season. It has seen some pretty decent midge hatches, so there should be some good dry fly options in the latter part of the day. But, nymphing will still be the ticket when you are not seeing them rise. Your best bets for nymphs are going to be midge patterns, Rubber legs, small tactical nymphs, egg patterns, and perdigons. Making sure your depth is correct may take some trial and error, but once you find it, it will produce some beautiful, healthy fish. Streamers also have been working well; let them swing a bit and retrieve slowly. The water is still cold, so don’t fish your streamers like its summer. At the current flows, the entire river is extremely wade accessible. The fish have all wintered well, and are very lively when hooked.

Flows : 

Upper River: Box Canyon ~ 550

Lower River: below Ashton reservoir ~ 1400 CFS

The Teton River Fishing Report

This is a great time to fish the Teton. We get an excellent window between when Valley snow melts and the high mountain run-off has not begun. The water is still cold, but the fishing can be great. The best bets will be Nymphing and streamers. The water clarity as of today is about 2 to 2.5 feet, so it is off-color. Because of this lack of clarity, flies that have a little flash in them have been the best producers. It also is an excellent time for worm patterns. The water is off-color because of snowmelt that brings worms into the drift. Try different colors as it changes day to day as to what the best color may be. Other small tactical nymphs and midge nymphs are also working. If you choose to throw streamers (which has fooled some nice fish already this season), try some flashy colored streamers and keep your retrieves slower than summer. Let them swing a bit as well and get down. Deep holes at the bottom of runs are the best areas for this type of angling. Make sure to have some midge dries with you; they are hatching, but the clarity has caused this to be hit or miss.

Flows :  Leigh Creek ~ 277 CFS

Current Wind Conditions for Idaho

So as you can tell, this is a great time to get out and fish. Especially since many people are not working, it is an excellent form of social distancing, and we are having some beautiful days in South Eastern Idaho. Using watercraft has enabled anglers to get away from the areas that are seeing a lot of wade traffic. Most put-ins/take-outs are accessible but bring a long rope to navigate a few of them.

For the safety of our customers & our employees, all of our fly shops are temporarily closed to walk-in shopping.

To make a purchase, please call one of our shops and we will deliver your flies, gear, or fishing supplies curbside! You can reach the Driggs Fly Shop at (208)354-1200, Ashton Fly Shop at (208)652-3008, Eagle Fly Shop at (208) 939-6065.

We will continue to try and provide you with service during these uncertain times. Be safe, and enjoy some time away from others on the water. We are taking guided trips right now if you want to get out and float with one of our guides. Our rates are $100 off currently for the pre-season.

Thanks and happy hunting during these difficult times.