Yes, it’s mid-August already. With afternoon temperatures reaching into the mid-80’s and cool evenings dropping into the mid 40’s, it is mother nature’s perfect balance for keeping our rivers and lakes at the optimal temperatures for active fish.

Heading to the South Fork of the Snake River for a day of fishing or extending it into two days with an overnight camp trip, is well worth your time.  The water level coming from the Dam is 10300 CFS, and 5890 CFS at Lorenzo, which indicates above average water flow for this time.  (What does that mean? More water equates to optimal water temps, which equates to prime aquatic hatches, which then equates to really good DRY FLY fishing)!  You will not be disappointed on any stretch of the South Fork right now.  Fish are feeding in the riffles on PMD’s, as well as terrestrials.  The grasshoppers are finally out and they are large!  The classic hopper/dropper combination is working well, but try a twist on that and use a hopper with a pmd cripple attached and watch them choose which fly to eat!

Want to go with a TRR guide?  Give us a call and check for availability.  Our phone number is: (208) 652-3750     or email us.