8 Reasons You Should Hire A Guide.

Whether you’re just starting to fly fish, a veteran angler new to the area, or if you grew up here in Idaho hiring a guide will help you out tremendously. Here are a few reasons you should hire a guide:

  1. Learn new waters.  Typically, TRR guides fish everyday between May and November, that’s a minimum of 180 days.  That gives them the chance to know each river, section, and even specific riffles.  You will quickly learn a tremendous amount about the river you’re fishing.
  2. Learn new techniques. Each guide teaches differently and has a unique spin on things.  You can add them all to your arsenal.
  3. More Fish.  Guides are on the water day-in and day-out, they know what location is fishing best, what fly to use, & how to use it.  That translates into more opportunities to catch fish.
  4. If you’re looking to try out some new gear, a guide will have the best gear 99.99999% of the time & are more than willing to let you try it out!
  5. Hearing stories of a guide’s life will make you feel better about yours.  All kidding aside, they are great at jokes, stories, and tall tales.
  6. Knowledge.  It’s always fun to pick a guide’s brain.  You might be fishing the Henrys Fork, but you could be talking about fishing for steelhead, catching tarpon in Ascension Bay, visiting local hot-spots, or talking about the village bicycle.
  7. When the day is done, guides make good drinking buddies.
  8. You get to enjoy your day of fishing more.  It’s easy. Let your guide do all the hard work.  Your guide will row the boat, tie on your fly, handle the fish, & will even take a picture of the fish for you.  You just sit back & fish!

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