Idaho has 3,100 miles of river.

Where are you going to fish?

Idaho, Montana, Yellowstone, or Oregon…

A relatively unknown fact is that Idaho has 3,100 miles of river.  In fact, claims that Idaho has more miles of river than any other state.  Another interesting fact is that there are approximately 144 rivers in Idaho.  On top of that, our neighboring states have quite an honorable list of rivers as well.  Most of which are worth a days drive.
When you add all these facts up, it only means opportunities for anglers.  How long would it take to fish over 3000 miles of rivers?
Here at Three Rivers Ranch Outfitters, we focus on some of our favorite rivers.  Many of the rivers are well known like the Henry’s Fork, South Fork of the Snake River, Teton River, Boise River & it’s forks, Owyhee River, and a few other tributaries around Idaho.
As our website grows we will add more pages to help you discover new rivers in and around the northwest.  We will also add travel destinations we have been to.  We would love to help you discover and fly fish anywhere this world can offer.
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  • We offer guide services in Eastern Idaho, Montana, Yellowstone, and in Oregon.
  • Stay at our All-Inclusive Fly Fishing Lodge, Three Rivers Ranch.

Henry’s Fork = 6200 fish per mile

S.F. Snake River = 4300+ fish per mile

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