Western Idaho is home to some world-class rivers, lakes, & streams.  The Boise River, Snake River, CJ Strike, Payette, 100’s of high mountain lakes, Cascade Reservoir, Salmon River, and a ton more!  Although Three Rivers Ranch doesn’t provide guiding service to all these amazing rivers, we’ve grown up on these waters, cut our teeth and gotten our teeth kicked in.  We also logged more fly shop hours than we feel comfortable admitting.  When you combine those two things, you get some fly fishing recommendations you can count on.

We don’t plan on putting everything in the fly shop online.  We will, however, put some of our favorite things we always find in our packs or rolling around in our boat.  So if you don’t see what you are looking for, give us a call at the Fly Shop in Eagle at (208) 939-6065.  You can call-in, place the order over the phone & pick it up or have it shipped to you for FREE!

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