Flows are stable at 180 CFS. We think it will stay at this flow or even drop a little due to the non-existent snowpack in the Owyhees. Whatever storage they have they need to save for irrigation this summer.

The steady flows mean that PMD’s are just around the corner. We’ve seen a few adults, but we’ve seen mostly caddis and also midges popping in the late afternoon to mid-evening. Blue-winged olives are still around but with the warmer temperatures will slowly fade away. If you do not see anything on top, try a dry-dropper setup with a caddis, parachute Adams, skwala, beetle, or any stimulator pattern on top. Subsurface you’ll focus on variations of zebra midges; black, red, etc., small pheasant tails #18-20, soft hackles, or little baetis nymphs #18 & 20. Streamers can be productive too; white, olive, white/black.

Have fun and stop by TRR Outfitters in Eagle to stock up on some flies and to purchase your Owyhee fishing license.

USGS Water-data graph for site 13183000Owyhee River below the Dam

USGS Water-data graph for site 13181000Owyhee River near Rome, OR