Fishing on the Owyhee River will start picking up very soon!  The ice has basically melted, so the river has opened up and is ready for you to explore.  The the Owyhee river is still at its winter flows, so make sure and bookmark our  Owyhee River realtime streamflow to follow what’s happening.  On most years, we can expect flows to jump up mid-March.  So about two weeks from when I’m writing this.

Fill your fly box with small midge patterns, small baetis nymphs, small leech streamers, & wooly buggers.  Skwala’s will start coming off any day now, especially as the temperatures rise.  So make sure and take your stonefly nymph patterns, especially the skwala stone.  Midge and blue wing olives will start coming off with the warmer weather.

Check out our Owyhee River Hatch Chart.