The newest fly rod from Orvis is another amazingly lightweight, yet powerful fly rod. The Helios 2 fly rod far surpasses its predecessor, the original Helios fly rod.

So the question is: What is so good about this new Helios 2 Fly Rod?

It’s lighter. In your hand, it is perfectly balanced and has a 20% reduction in swing weight (compared with the original Helios Fly Rod).

It’s Stronger. Orvis has a new proprietary material that is integrated into the tip of the fly rod to increase its strength to impact without adding weight. This translates to a nearly 100% stronger tip, at least that’s what the folks at Orvis told me! So bring on the Chuck n’ Duck streamers!

It’s Powerful & Smooth. Orvis redesigned the tapers on the Helios 2 Fly Rod so that the fly rod is perfectly tuned to transfer energy along a smoother curve. In the fly-fishing world, you will hear the word “dampening” every now and then. Some fly rods will vibrate or wobble at the end of the cast. This wobble or vibration reduces power and accuracy. Some of the best fly rods will “dampen” the wobble or vibration, which is the case for the Helios 2 fly rod. The new tapers and material that is used in the fly rod does this perfectly. The Helios 2 fly rod is smooth as butter, precise & accurate, and extremely powerful!

It’s Made in the U.S.A! All Helios 2 Fly Rods are made by hand in Orvis’ rod shop, in Vermont. Helios 2 was designed by anglers and built by anglers for fishing addicts.

It’s Beautiful! The Helios 2 has midnight blue blanks with accentuating wraps. The rod is then finished off with a UV-inhibiting paint coating. The California buckeye burl reel seat is unique on its own. No two reel-seats are the same! Finally, the carbon rod tube is unique as the Helios 2 fly rod. It is durable enough to throw in the back of your truck, but stylish enough to hang on your wall!