As we move into the heart of the summer, we are looking at fabulous fishing all around the area!  The big news to date is the arrival of the Salmonfly on the South Fork of the Snake River.  It has buzzed through the canyon and into the upper section of the river bringing large numbers and size of fish to the boats of anglers.  PMDs (mayflies) are also moving around all of the riffles and the fish are moving around in huge numbers in the shallow waters of these drop-offs.
The Teton Rivers is also a major player now that the water has dropped to its normal levels and the fish are eating PMDs, caddis, yellow sallys and most terrestrial patterns like ants, beetles and even hoppers!
With the passing of July 1st, all of the major tributaries flowing into the Teton River opened, including Bitch Creek, Connant Creek and Pine Creek.  Easy fishing here guys:  hoppers, stimulators, caddis and PMDs are the ideal offerings in these smaller waters.
The Henry’s Fork has been slow due to higher water levels and we should look to see this fishery improve as the summer progresses.
As always, please be safe and get out there and enjoy the wonderful fishing season!  Call or come by any of our locations to get the latest info, bugs and gear!  Thanks from the Crew at Three Rivers Ranch!