Dry fly fishing has been consistent. Have a good selection of Caddis, PMD, BWO, and Callibaetis. Streamer fishing can be a great way to get some of the bigger browns to eat, dont forget as a good rule of thumb Dark day dark fly, light day light fly. whites and yellows are a good place to start when the suns high in the sky. Callibaetis, PMD, Baetis, Caddis. Small Terrestrial Patterns (ants, and beetles). Flows bumped up to 177 the fish have settled and there have been great mid afternoon hatches of PMDs and Callibaetis. Small terrestrial patterns have been working great when fish aren’t up, try small ant and beetle patterns. Look for riffle transition zones from fast to slow water, nymphing various mayfly nymphs with red zebra droppers can be very deadly. Give our fly shop in Eagle a call at (208) 939-6065 for patterns and up to date river info.