It seems like there are hundreds of fly boxes out there for every need. Some fly boxes have better designs, some with fish print, or metal engraved, some fly boxes are made of expensive wood, and then you have the cheap plastic ones… At some point in time, each might find a comfortable place in the bottom of our pack. But, The JamPac Fly Box is one of those fly boxes that seems to never go to the bottom of my pack.

The Jam Pack Fly Box organizes the small fly cups you get in your local fly shop! You go into the fly shop, buy a dozen flies that will work for you, if you’re like me, toss the flies & cup in your pocket. With the Jam Pac, you can throw all those fly cup in there. You can organize them, or not, it’s your choice. You can organize them into patterns, hatches, or weeks, if you’re a guide you can keep your clients flies in one handy place. Just get a sharpie and write on the side. It’s that easy.

The other great thing about this fly box is that it comes with three different fly boxes for you to start. You have four smaller cups for your nymphs. There are eight boxes with dividers. The dividers are great for smaller dry flies or having different sizes that are harder to tell.

Finally, you will get eight normal cups… It is possible to fit larger streamers, but not that many. So if you’re a streamer fisherman, this box might not be for you. It’s especially not for you if you like to fish articulated streamers. As you know, the streamers are bigger than the normal fly cups you get with purchasing flies.

The inside of the fly box lid is empty, kind of a waste. I’d recommend getting something like the Float Patch from Cliff Outdoors or the Simms boat patch. You can stick the patch on the inside of the lid. You might have to trim the patch, depending on the fly patch you get. It allows you to leave the box open & gives you a handy place to put your “on-deck” flies, streamers, & used flies.

Another word of caution, these boxes aren’t waterproof. If they were you would be paying lots more for them. But, if you add the outer box shell to the water-resistant inner fly cups, you get a “highly water resistant” fly box.

So, if you’re looking for a great way to add a little bit of organization to your fly situation or if you’re tired of spending time organizing 150 flies into a nice neat line, this is your fly box. Throw it in your bag, your boat, or your truck & go.

We give this baby a “must have” rating! You will love it and your friends will want one.