Idaho snow pack has leveled off in the last few weeks, in case you haven’t noticed…  The warm temperatures are nice, but what’s that doing to the water situation? According to hydrologists, we still have one of the deepest snowpack levels over the last 10 years!

How does snow pack affect fishing? A good snowpack from winter with added precipitation throughout the spring & summer means there will be plenty of cool water in the rivers.  Trout thrive in cool, oxygenated water. If trout are thriving, there are plenty of fish to catch for Idaho anglers throughout the fishing season.

As winter winds down, we are still hoping for a few late winter snow storms. In this KTVB story, hydrologists say the seasonal peak is April 1st.  Mores Creek Summit has 27.6 inches of water as of March 1st. Last year at the same time we only had only 18 inches.  So quite a big difference.

Take a look at the Snowtel site for Mores Summit, or look at our Idaho Fly Fishing Reports.