Lower Henry’s Fork Fishing Report:

Fishing has been alright…. We are using big bugs with a nymph or two after that. Chubby or a big attractor with a WD-40, Zebras, pheasant Tails, rubber legs, etc. Due to the hotter weather the fishing has slowed on the lower river but a big bug with a midge dropper will do the trick. In the afternoon start looking for heads up on flavs as well.

Big fish are still gorging on the nymphs and eating the occasional adult pattern. The water clarity is fairly good, but look for some color to be the norm over the next couple of weeks from melting snow in the high country.

Flows on 7/19 out of Ashton – 2300cfs and below St Anthony – 1030cfs

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Upper Henry’s Fork Fishing Report:

Your best bet is still a Chubby or Golden Stone with a dropper rig. You can use Flashback Pheasant Tail, WD-40, Brown Zebras, Rubber Legs (towards Ashton). Yellow Sallies have been spotted up high as well.

Caddis, Golden Stone, Pmd, Favs, Callibaetis, Streamers.  The evening hatch can be quite fun as well! Try a Caddis or PMD’s.

Check the forecast before heading out.  Expect hot weather with chances of T-storms.  Make sure & stock up on Sunscreen & Bug spray.

Stop by our Ashton Fly Shop for a Henrys Fork Shuttle, or call (208) 652-3008.