Lower Section (Ashton downstream):  Nymph fish in the early or late part of the day. Look for rising fish on midges in afternoon during the warmest part of the day. Cold nights and mornings have some sections of the river with slush and ice jams floating around.

Streamer fishing, Nymphing with possible midge adult dry fly action in mid-afternoon.

Upper Section (Ashton Upstream): Nymphing with either stone nymphs or zebra midges with glo-bug egg patterns. Look for rising fish in mid-afternoon on adult midges or clusters. Streamer fishing all day is an option as well. Slower stripping! Cold nights and mornings have slush and ice jams floating around on certain sections of the river.

Weather Outlook:  Snowy with Colder temps. Upper 20’s for highs and teens & single digits for the lows.  Dress warmly with lots of layers.

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Henry's Fork near Island Park, ID

Henry's Fork near Ashton, ID