I visited with Justin, at the Three Rivers Ranch Henry’s Fork Fly Shop in Island Park today to see what fishing conditions we can expect on the Henry’s Fork. Temperatures are still quite hot during the day, but fishing conditions are great on Box Canyon. Water flow is over 1500’s cfs, which makes wading a bit difficult on Box Canyon. With some rivers in Yellowstone Park and Montana being closed due to the water temperature being too warm, anglers will find plenty of great fishing on the upper sections of the Henry’s Fork. Fish are mostly biting at small bead head, Mayfly and nymphs such as flashback pheasant tail, zebra midges and grasshopper’s. Infact, if you’re looking to fish Harriman State Park or Railroad Ranch bring plenty of grasshoppers! They are in large numbers! Honey ants have started to come out, they’re not quite in full force, but one they do the fish will go crazy! Right now they’re also eating Tricos, Callibaetis Spinner s and Pale Morning Dun Spinners.

Warm River to Ashton is still fishing great, the warmer temperatures haven’t affected the fishing. They’re eating grasshoppers and smaller bead head nymphs.

The lower Henry’s Fork from Ashton Reservoir down really isn’t fishing as well anymore. With the hot summer temperatures and the work still being done on the dam, affecting the water levels, this section is tough.