Happy mid- July! Here’s the latest talk in the shop on What’s Happening Now!

Box Canyon continues to fish well. We recommend trying a double nymph set up like a Golden Stone and dropping a Red Copper John. Drakes are about done, but we’re starting to see a few Stone Flies. Going lower? Use Caddis, PMD’s or Drakes. The Railroad Ranch is fishing really well. We’ve had quite a few veteran anglers tell us it’s fishing (in their humble opinion) like it did 20 years ago. Lots of fish for your patient, determined angler. Try Caddis and Brown Drakes.

The Upper Section of the Henry’s Fork is still generating great fishing. Try Golden Chernobyl and nymphs. Stop in to one of our fly shops for current sizes and color patterns or give us a call.  Clients yesterday netted 25-30 fish by noon!

Lower Henry’s Fork try PMD’s, Green Drake, Caddis and Golden Stones.