Henry’s Fork and Teton Rivers are also both worthy of your time and attention.  Now is the time for fishing the upper Henry’s Fork with grasshopper and ant patterns. Here’s a hot tip for fishing the Railroad Ranch in the next few weeks; the fish there become accustomed to seeing flying ants often and will take your ant pattern even if you are not seeing the ants on the water.  Lower down on the Henry’s is some of our favorite water and we are seeing the big browns eat grasshoppers.  River flows are average for this time of year, with the Box Canyon a little higher than average, and much better fishing due to cooler than average water temps.

The Teton River is exploding with rises in the Teton Valley area. Brookies, Rainbows, and Cutthroat are all being caught on PMD and Caddis dry fly patterns. As you move down river, the canyon section is scenic and wild, just like the fish.  We have experienced guides to take you through this whitewater section of the Teton, fishing with grasshoppers and floating through whitewater makes it a magical day.  Even further down river, the Teton River is clear and the fish are eating grasshoppers, pmd’s, and caddis.

Ever fished for GULPERS on Hebgen lake?  If hunting for rising, cruising fish, sounds good to you, now is the time to check it out!  Bring a box full of parachute adams and nothing more.

Walk and wade spots in the area are not to be overlooked.  Often times hiring a guide means floating in the boat.  We encourage you to take a walk and wade day with our experienced guides in Yellowstone, Robinson Creek, Warm River, Falls River, to slow the pace down, stand in the water, and sight fish to wild trout, for an experience of a lifetime.