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Danny Lane

Danny Lane was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. He claims he was an abysmal student from kindergarten through senior year. After high school, he worked a few landscape construction jobs and realized he hated doing what he hated doing, so Danny enrolled in college where he earned a bachelor’s degree in English with literature emphasis at Boise State University.

Danny started fly fishing when he was nine years old. He loves that even if you don’t have the most stylish waders, the nicest and newest rod, the most expensive boutique reel, or the prettiest cast on the river; the only thing that matters is what the fish think. His favorite water is the pond behind Camel’s Back Park in Boise, before they drained it 1996. Many bluegill fell victim to his fly in that pond.

Steelhead will always hold a special place for Danny (as is true for a lot of people). He loves the rhythm of steelheading; cast, step, cast, step lose yourself in the surroundings, and then, sometimes you get to meet a fish.

Danny’s favorite fly fishing memory was when his daughter Emerson took her time in the womb. His wife and him tried everything to get her to come out. His wife would walk laps at the park across the street from their house trying to coax her out. One night they went dancing, still no luck. The next day they went fishing. They told the shuttle drivers to run ours first just in case. His wife caught a 22-inch rainbow on a hopper. She went into labor an hour after we got the boat out of the water.

Danny lives in Saint Anthony with his wife Lauren, two daughters Emerson and Juniper and two dogs Bug and Saint.

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