Chase Newton TRR Fly Fishing Guide

Chase Newton

Chase was born in California and raised in Utah amongst the Rocky Mountains. He earned his bachelor’s degree from BYU of Idaho in Recreation Management. Chase started fishing recently in 2012, but since then he has put in a ton of time on the rivers and lakes around Southeast Idaho. When Chase has a day off from guiding you can most likely find him taking his water master to some wild fishy place or doing some nighttime mouse fishing.

Chase’s favorite species of trout to get after with a fly rod is brown trout, which he currently holds the Idaho record for. He enjoys fishing the main stem of the Snake River but really any water he can find himself on, he has a good time.

His most memorable fishing moment came a few years ago while fishing some of his favorite water with one of his good friends. They were having an epic day catching lots of big fish. That alone made it an unforgettable day. Then unexpectedly he hooked into something really big that at first, he thought was a rock. For a while he tried to get it loose, then realizing it was a big fish he began to lose his mind. As he fought it for a while, he finally got its head up to where they could see it. It was a huge brown. Upon landing it they taped it at 30″. It was the biggest fish Chase has ever seen let alone caught.

What Chase loves most about fly fishing is the state of mind you’re in when you’re fishing.  It’s as if nothing else matters but what’s in front of you. And catching fish is very rewarding.  His go to fly when nothing else seems to be working is a purple haze.

Chase’s favorite trip he takes is one he makes every year to Pyramid Lake in Nevada. He really enjoys it because of its simple approach and the time he has to sit there and process his thoughts. And if you wait long enough a really big fish will swim by and take your fly.

In the off season you can find Chase up in the mountains snowboarding or mountain biking. Chase lives in Ashton, Idaho.

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