Three Rivers Ranch Guides

For over 90 years, Three Rivers Ranch have welcomed anglers from around the world. Our senior guides have been with TRR for at least 10 years and most of them for over 15 years. All of our guides have a great deal of experience and knowledge guiding.

Three Rivers Ranch and TRR Outfitters is licensed to fish on an honor roll of rivers in Idaho, Montana and Yellowstone National Park including the Madison, Yellowstone, Henry’s Fork of the Snake, South Fork of the Snake and the Teton River.

No matter who you choose, you can trust that your day on the water will be spirited and memorable. Our guides are as diverse as the waters we are so lucky to call home.

Eastern Idaho Guides

Henry’s Fork of the Snake, South Fork of the Snake, Teton River, Madison River, Yellowstone River, Fall River, Hebgen Lake, Henry’s Lake and more

Head Guide for Three Rivers Ranch Douglas Gibson

Doug Gibson

Head Guide

Doug Gibson has been fishing for over 60 years. Doug started guiding in 1972 and was instrumental in starting the guide program at Three Rivers Ranch when it began in 1974. A true gentleman, his expertise and experience are not only admired by his guests and peers, but were also recognized by Orvis, when he received the Orvis Guide of the Year award. Having spent his entire life in the area, Doug possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the region’s rivers and streams, flora, fauna, mountain ranges and history. His love of fishing has taken him to many other parts of the world including Massachusetts, Missouri, Florida, Bahamas, Chile and the upper northwest. Doug was born in Newdale, Idaho, and still resides there with his wife Sandra. Doug was recently featured on Ask About Fly Fishing Podcast – Listen Now!

Senior Guide for Three Rivers Ranch, Paul Beckley

Paul Beckley

Senior Guide

Paul was born in San Jose, California. He began fly-fishing at 27. ‘I was hanging out with a buddy in Portland, Oregon, he handed me a fly rod and I’ve been hooked ever since.’ Paul has been guiding for Three Rivers since 1981 and “still has the passion”. “My favorite stretch of river is the Fall River. It’s the best rainbow wade fishery in Eastern Idaho.” Paul has fished all of the Rocky Mountain States, Chile, and parts of Canada. ‘Three Rivers Ranch is better than any place I’ve been around. The guides are professional and have so much experience to offer. Lonnie’s attention to every detail about the ranch makes each guests experience special. The guides are like brothers and there’s a real family atmosphere that guests become part of.’ Paul lives in Warm River, Idaho and has two sons.

Senior Guide with Three Rivers Ranch, Cliff Weisse

Cliff Weisse

Senior Guide

Cliff grew up in Bergenfield, NJ where, from the age of 5, he fished for anything he could. He taught himself to fly fish at age 12 and to tie flies shortly thereafter. That early obsession evolved into a lifelong passion—flyfishing for wild trout. He loved fishing the Beaverkill and Delaware River system and began fishing the Greater Yellowstone area in 1985. He started spending summers and guiding in Island Park in 1987 and has been with Three Rivers since 1989.

Cliff’s emphasis has always been on dry fly fishing. “There’s nothing like actually seeing the fish eat the fly. Because Three Rivers is licensed on a wide array of water we have the ability to provide excellent dry fly fishing opportunities throughout the season.” He’s also a patient instructor who enjoys teaching beginners as well as sharing the entire experience. “I’ve always enjoyed teaching others what I’ve learned about flyfishing. I get a great deal of satisfaction from helping someone connect with flyfishing or up their game. That connection extends to the entire experience, not just catching fish. There’s so much to appreciate about being in the places trout live. Insects, birds, animals, flowers, trees, scenery are all part of the experience.”

Cliff moved to Island Park in 1991 where he lives with his wife Lisa. In addition to guiding Cliff and Lisa tie flies professionally, raise English Setters, and travel extensively to hunt and fish every fall and winter.

Senior Guide, Skip Mullen with Three Rivers Ranch with a monster brown trout

Skip Mullen

Senior Guide

Skip grew up in many beautiful areas throughout the greater Northwest which led to his love of fly fishing and spending time in the outdoors. Both his grandpa and mother were instrumental in teaching Skip to fly fish. His grandfather started him fishing with a fly rod and spinning reel, when he was “maybe three”, which Skip says helped him get the feel for fly casting with a fly rod when he was very young.
Skip has spent the majority of his life on the water fishing, teaching, exploring or guiding. He started guiding for Three Rivers Ranch in 1996. He loves his clients, the area and his ‘extended family’ at Three Rivers. These relationships are what has kept Skip part of the Three Rivers family for so many years.
During Three Rivers off season, Skip has spent the past twenty years essentially pioneering fly fishing in the Aysen Region of Chilean Patagonia. Together, with his partners he has been instrumental in designing new fisheries, starting two fly fishing lodges- Dragon Fly Lodge and Tomango Lodge and also designed and manufactured special boats (part jet boat/ part cataraft) that allow anglers in these regions access to water on both rivers and lakes that very few other outfitters have access to. Check out Skip’s lodge located in Patagonia, Chile.

Senior Guide, Leslie Dellago with Three Rivers Ranch

Leslie Dallago

Senior Guide

Leslie has fished her entire life, growing up on a lake, spending her childhood summers fishing for Northern pike and walleye and discovered the thrill of fly fishing in 1984. She has spent many days guiding, fishing, and rowing here on our local rivers both before and after graduating from the Reel Women Guide School in 2001. Leslie is a Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) Certified Casting Instructor.

During the colder months, Leslie loves to seek out saltwater flats and more trout, she has fished in Cuba, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize and the Bahamas several times.

Leslie is an active member in the Idaho Falls Trout Unlimited Chapter – The Snake River Cutthroats, and for over 20 years, she leads the women’s program at Eastern Idaho’s Fly-fishing Expo. Her passion to share entomology, reading water, casting techniques and put you on fish is in her blood. When Leslie’s not on the river searching for trout, she can be found working on her freelance film and video business, producing, directing and editing videos for the fly fishing industry, including several instructional topics, fly casting, fly fishing techniques, knot tying and fly tying. Leslie is a true steward of conservation and loves to share her passion of fly fishing the waters of eastern Idaho.

Senior Guide with Three Rivers Ranch, Todd Allen

Todd Allen

Senior Guide

Todd grew up in Nampa, Idaho. His dad taught him to fish on various lakes, rivers, and creeks in southwestern Idaho when he was about 12 years old. After graduating from University of Idaho, Todd started guiding in 1996. He has been with Three Rivers Ranch since 2002, prior to the ranch he guided in Alaska and Chile. ‘The beautiful area and diversity of fishing is what has kept me at Three Rivers. Any stretch of river that’s fishing the best is my favorite.’ In 2009, Todd went to Brazil and fished for peacock bass on the Amazon drainage. Along with fishing, Todd also enjoys bird hunting and golfing. He lives in Ashton, Idaho with his wife and two kids.

Senior Guide Eric Grigg with Three Rivers Ranch

Eric Grigg

Senior Guide

Eric was born and raised in Soda Springs, Idaho. He began fly-fishing around 6 years old when his mother taught him while growing up in southeast Idaho. Eric attended college at Montana State University, where he earned a degree in Biotechnology. His enthusiasm for fishing continued throughout college and eventually landed him at Three Rivers Ranch where he began guiding in 2003. ‘There’s a great camaraderie at the Ranch. Lonnie is great to work for and the guides are not only co-workers but also friends. We often take off and fish together when we have free time or during the off-season. I grew up fishing the South Fork of the Snake River and love those lower stretches, but I must say the lower Henry’s Fork is awesome because of the size and quality of the fish.’ Eric lives in Ashton, Idaho.

Senior Guide and Eagle Fly Shop Manager with Three Rivers Ranch and TRR Outfitters

Nick Minor

Senior Guide

Nick was born and raised in Boise, Idaho where his dad taught him to fish on the South Fork of the Boise River, Salmon, and Owyhee at the ripe old age of 7. He was rowing a boat by 16. Once out of high school, Nick’s excitement for fishing took him on a road trip through Eastern Idaho, and parts of Wyoming and Montana looking for just the right place to begin guiding. His search brought him to Three Rivers Ranch, where he completed guide school and began his career as a full time guide in 2005. ‘I love the challenge of the Henry’s Fork. It offer’s good, dry-fly fishing, large wild rainbow, browns and unbelievable scenery.’ Nick lives in Boise, Idaho with his wife Amanda and their dog, Rio. He enjoys fishing, golfing, long walks on the beach, college football, and a small glass of rosé wine from time to time.

BJ Gerhart,Three Rivers Ranch Fly Fishing Senior Guide with a Henry's Fork Brown Trout

BJ Gerhart

Senior Guide

Three Rivers Ranch fly fishing guide Tim Warren

Tim Warren


Fly Fishing Guide with Three Rivers Ranch, Logan Martindale, with a beautiful Brown Trout

Logan Martindale


Logan Martindale was born and raised in Ashton, Idaho. His dad taught him how to cast a fly rod in his back yard when he was 7 years old. Logan started fishing the Henry’s Fork at a very young age and it has a special place in his heart. He always wanted to be a fly fishing guide so after graduating from High School, Logan joined the Three Rivers Ranch guide roster when he was 18 years old, in 2013.

He says “We have some of the most incredible hatches here. One of my favorites is the green drake hatch in June. It provides some of the best dry fly fishing in the country with explosive takes. There’s nothing better than that.”

Although he doesn’t get to do it very often, his favorite fishing trips are the ones he takes with his wife, Megan and his dad, Todd. He says “they are two of the most fun and entertaining people to fish with. My wife is so interested in learning everything there is about fly fishing and my dad still gets excited about every single fish he catches no matter the size or species.”

Logan lives in Ashton with his wife Megan and their two dogs Martin and Mac.

TRR and Logan was featured in an episode of Epic Idaho, check it out.

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Hwy 20

Three Rivers Ranch, TRR Outfitters, fly fishing guide Matt Stalnaker

Matt Stalnaker


Matt was born in Pocatello but raised in Boise. He has a business degree from BSU. His hobbies include hunting in the fall and skiing and snowmobiling in the off season.
Matt started fly fishing with his grandpa when he was 10 or 11. They mostly fished high mountain lakes.
His favorite water is, cold, clean and top secret!
Matt’s favorite species to chase is steelhead because of how difficult they are to find and catch. Which leads to his favorite trip of the year being the annual TRR guide steelhead trip to Washington.
His most memorable fishing moment was when he swung up my first steelhead. It was 5 or 6 years ago on the Grande Ronde in Oregon.
Matt lives in Driggs with his wife Kelsey and their adorable rescue Tilly.
Danny Lane, TRR Outfitters and Three Rivers Ranch Fly Fishing Guide

Danny Lane


Danny Lane was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. He claims he was an abysmal student from kindergarten through senior year. After high school, he worked a few landscape construction jobs and realized he hated doing what he hated doing, so Danny enrolled in college where he earned a bachelor’s degree in English with literature emphasis at Boise State University.

Danny started fly fishing when he was nine years old. He loves that even if you don’t have the most stylish waders, the nicest and newest rod, the most expensive boutique reel, or the prettiest cast on the river; the only thing that matters is what the fish think. His favorite water is the pond behind Camel’s Back Park in Boise, before they drained it 1996. Many bluegill fell victim to his fly in that pond.

Steelhead will always hold a special place for Danny (as is true for a lot of people). He loves the rhythm of steelheading; cast, step, cast, step lose yourself in the surroundings, and then, sometimes you get to meet a fish.

Danny’s favorite fly fishing memory was when his daughter Emerson took her time in the womb. His wife and him tried everything to get her to come out. His wife would walk laps at the park across the street from their house trying to coax her out. One night they went dancing, still no luck. The next day they went fishing. They told the shuttle drivers to run ours first just in case. His wife caught a 22-inch rainbow on a hopper. She went into labor an hour after we got the boat out of the water.

Danny lives in Saint Anthony with his wife Lauren, two daughters Emerson and Juniper and two dogs Bug and Saint.

Three Rivers Ranch and TRR Outfitters fly fishing guide, Kerry Fisher

Kerry Fisher


Three Rivers Ranch Guide Mike Christensen

Mike Christensen


Mike Christensen was born, raised and educated (kindergarten through bachelors degree) in Rexburg, Idaho. He was introduced to the fly fishing religion at 11-years-old by his father. Mike feels that like any denomination, fly fishing is best understood by a fellow sufferer. While Mike’s formal learning came by way of East Idaho public schools and BYU-Idaho, his practical education was earned on the Henry’s Fork, South Fork, and Teton River. Often, he would show up to his college classes still in his waders and felt soles.
In 2007 Mike married the love of his then 22 year life, Megan, who was just 18 at the time. She has learned to tolerate Mike’s fervor for fishing and even enjoys a fishing trip with him occasionally. Mike and Megan adore their two kids.
Mike started guiding for Three Rivers Ranch in 2014 and at this point it appears they are gonna keep him around.

Mike is currently a part-time guide with TRR.

Troy Trautner, Three Rivers Ranch Fly Fishing Guide

Troy Trautner


Troy has been a guide for Three River Ranch since 2014. Troy was born and raised in Blackfoot, Idaho.

He began fly fishing to spend time on the rivers with his family and friends, his passion for fly fishing brought him to Three Rivers Ranch, where he completed guide school to learn all aspects of fly fishing and rowing.

He has fished various rivers through out Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah. ‘’ I love the camaraderie at the ranch and the priceless friendships.’’ He enjoys fishing, skiing, and biking with family and friends.

Troy is one of TRR’s part-time guides.

Three Rivers Ranch Fly Fishing Guide, Chase Newton

Chase Newton


Chase was born in California and raised in Utah amongst the Rocky Mountains. He earned his bachelor’s degree from BYU of Idaho in Recreation Management. Chase started fishing recently in 2012, but since then he has put in a ton of time on the rivers and lakes around Southeast Idaho. When Chase has a day off from guiding you can most likely find him taking his water master to some wild fishy place or doing some nighttime mouse fishing.

Chase’s favorite species of trout to get after with a fly rod is brown trout, which he currently holds the Idaho record for. He enjoys fishing the main stem of the Snake River but really any water he can find himself on, he has a good time.

His most memorable fishing moment came a few years ago while fishing some of his favorite water with one of his good friends. They were having an epic day catching lots of big fish. That alone made it an unforgettable day. Then unexpectedly he hooked into something really big that at first, he thought was a rock. For a while he tried to get it loose, then realizing it was a big fish he began to lose his mind. As he fought it for a while, he finally got its head up to where they could see it. It was a huge brown. Upon landing it they taped it at 30″. It was the biggest fish Chase has ever seen let alone caught.

What Chase loves most about fly fishing is the state of mind you’re in when you’re fishing.  It’s as if nothing else matters but what’s in front of you. And catching fish is very rewarding.  His go to fly when nothing else seems to be working is a purple haze.

Chase’s favorite trip he takes is one he makes every year to Pyramid Lake in Nevada. He really enjoys it because of its simple approach and the time he has to sit there and process his thoughts. And if you wait long enough a really big fish will swim by and take your fly.

In the off season you can find Chase up in the mountains snowboarding or mountain biking. Chase lives in Ashton, Idaho.

Three Rivers Ranch Guide, Andy Osler with a beautiful Rainbow Trout

Andy Osler


Andy is an Idaho native, born and raised in Boise where his love of the outdoors started at a young age. From the time he could walk he was exploring the creeks and mountains near his family cabin. Though high school baseball became his main focus, gaining a scholarship to play baseball at a collegiate level. After playing community college baseball, Andy attended the University of Idaho where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fisheries Resources. A short career with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game lead to a decision to pursue guiding.

His guiding career started in Bristol Bay Alaska where he guided anglers to some of the world’s most beautiful trout. Realizing that there is no trout fishing like that of Idaho, he gave up the large rainbows of Alaska and headed back to Idaho to fulfill his dream.

The art of fly fishing was introduced to him at the age of 12 where he and his father picked up the sport at the same time. To this day his dad is still his favorite fishing partner. Trout were his first and are still his favorite species to target, although steelhead are a close second. As quoted by Arnold Gingrich, “A trout is a moment of beauty known only to those who seek it.”

When Andy isn’t guiding or fishing you’ll find him in the elk woods every September, in the chukar hills every fall, and occasionally attempting to play golf. He spends his winters back in Boise with his girlfriend, Kathleen and their two dogs, Sophie and Baetis.

Three Rivers Ranch Tony Marcolina fly fishing guide

Tony Marcolina


Tony was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. He studied photojournalism at the University of Idaho and worked as a photographer for media companies for several years.

Tony started fishing about 6 years ago, it was shortly before TRR Outfitters fly shop in Eagle, ID opened. Tony lived just down the road at the time so he learned a lot from our team and got most of his equipment for tying and fishing there. It didn’t take long before Tony enrolled into Guide School at Three Rivers Ranch.

It was Guide School that led to Tony’s favorite fly fishing trip so far. He hadn’t really explored water more than 2 or 3 hours from home, so seeing what Eastern Idaho had to offer and how much fishable water there is kind of blew his mind. He says he “likes how it all came full circle from learning all of my basics from this company to now being a guide for them.”

It’s hard to pinpoint a favorite Idaho water, because they are all unique and special but for Tony the South Fork of the Snake with it’s never ending scenery is hard to beat.

Tony feels lucky to have found guiding as his job. He has always liked helping people learn new things and fly fishing is one that he feels he can transfer what he knows to someone. He says “it’s pretty entertaining to watch someone start the day not knowing how to cast and then watch how excited they get when they reel in their first one.

I’m excited to see what the upcoming seasons have in store and the friends I make along the way.”

In the off-season Tony lives in Boise, Idaho and you can find him tying flies, snowboarding and mountain biking.

Mark Harbaugh, Three Rivers Ranch Fly Fishing Guide

Mark Harbaugh


Mark was born and raised in Western Idaho. His great great grandfather built the first ferry across the Snake River at Given’s hot springs. Marc’s grandfather had a ranch near the Triangle area near Jordan Valley and they spent their summer vacation as well as spud harvest at the ranch working and sorting cattle. Marc is 5th. generation.

Marc caught his first fish on a fly rod when he was 5 years old at Warm Lake. He had on his swim team speedo! He has been a certified casting instructor since 1995.

His favorite water to fish includes British Columbia, Iceland and Norway. Marc has been fortunate and has had a few favorite fly-fishing trips. Most recent would be the Ongivinuk in the Togiak Wilderness. He flew in, was dropped off, and then floated about 60 miles to their pick up zone. Did not see another person, other than his group members, in 5 days of incredible fishing. They caught 20″ grayling, rainbow and leopard rainbow trout, dolly varden, artic char, silver and chum salmon. Saw 16 grizzlies.

Marc’s favorite species to chase is definitely Steel. The cast of a two-handed rod is much more interesting as well as challenging. His most memorable fly-fishing memory was when he caught his first 40″, 20lb. steel head on a dry fly. Also, a 35.5 lb. Atlantic salmon on the Alta river in Norway.

Marc loves the solitude and the sound of the river about fly fishing. When he is not guiding you will find him fishing, bird hunting, downhill and cross-country skiing or mountain biking. His favorite piece of fly gear is his Winston 13′ 3″ 7 wt. He has landed several memorable fish with it. It was a retirement gift from a good friend of his.

Dwayne Speegle, TRR Outfitters Fly Fishing Guide

Dwayne Speegle


Dwayne was born & raised in Eastern Washington (Wenatchee & Yakima). He graduated from Washington State University in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science in Range Management.

Dwayne started fly fishing in 1990 when his Father bought him an Eagle Claw fly rod. His favorite piece of water is definitely the Henry’s Fork because you can chase Rainbows & Browns of significant size! His most memorable fly fishing moment was a multi-day float trip in Alaska with his daughter…He had set his fly rod down in the raft, with the fly hanging out of the boat and in the water… when a large rainbow or chum salmon hit the fly, shot his fly rod out of the boat and is forever laying in the bottom of Clear Creek somewhere near Talkeetna, Alaska.

Dwayne truly loves rowing boats and watching people catch fish, more than he likes fishing for himself.  It is also a sport that allows you to completely disconnect from all the noise of the world when on the river.

His favorite piece of fly gear are Hatch Reels.  They are simple and bomb proof.   When Dwayne is not on the river you will find him in the back country, hunting, hiking and of course fly fishing.


Zachary Burgoyne - Guide

Zachary Burgoyne


Zach is a lifelong trout fisherman and grew up fishing in rivers near his hometown of Twin Falls Idaho, including Silver Creek and the Big Lost. His favorite fish changes almost daily, but usually it is a trout or bonefish. Zach spends his winters in the Florida Keys, where he is chasing flats species as well as peacock and largemouth bass. His fly rod of choice is the Sage X with a Lamson light speed reel. His favorite flies to tie are small dries and he would rather get skunked than fish a worm.
Jackson Solis - Guide

Jackson Solis


Born and raised on the Gold Coast, Jackson hails from Stamford, CT, and spent summers in  Narragansett, RI where he fished offshore for shark, tuna, and striped bass from the time he could hold a fishing rod.
As a competitive athlete who grew up playing baseball and football, Jackson’s competitive drive has translated into his love for fishing and guiding. Countless trips to southeastern ID visiting family and fishing the South Fork and Henry’s Fork with his dad and uncles made his move out west in 2018 a no-contest decision.
Jackson is passionate about “throwing foam and streamers right to the banks and watching fish come up and chop ‘em” with his trademark smile and permanent Costas tan. This love for fly fishing is infectious – just ask his friends or his beloved pup, Lani, who you’ll find him floating with any free minute of the season. When he’s not on the river, Jackson enjoys golfing, snowboarding at Targhee, and taking advantage of all the beauty Idaho has to offer.

Western Idaho & Oregon River Guides

Owyhee River, Boise River and the Grande Ronde River

Mike Raymondi, TRR Outfitters Fly Fishing Guide

Mike Raymondi


TRR Outfitters Fly Fishing Guide and Eagle Fly Shop Associate, Aaron Matsko

Aaron Matsko


Brock Harris, TRR Outfitters and Three Rivers Ranch Fly Fishing Guide

Brock Harris


Trent Simon - Guide

Trent Simon


Trent was born and raised in Boise, ID where he inherited a strong love for the outdoors and exploring nature. Growing up if Trent wasn’t playing baseball, snowboarding, biking, or swimming at the Boise River with friends, he was fishing. Upon graduating high school and entering college his passion for fly fishing took shape and he knew he wanted to enter the fly fishing industry. Working for Three Rivers Ranch is a dream come true.

Trent has fished in Argentina for trophy trout, and his most recent travels brought him to fish saltwater in Sri Lanka. His favorite fisheries include Eastern Idaho’s Henry’s Fork, South Fork of the Snake, and Teton River. Other notables include Pyramid lake, Henry’s Lake, Grande Ronde River, Salmon River, Boise River, and the Owyhee River. He hopes to continue traveling the world in search of exotic and large fish until the day he dies.

When He’s not on the water Trent enjoys listening to live music with good friends, picking morel mushrooms, backpacking, and camping.

Trent lives in Boise, ID in the off season and works at the Eagle TRR location.


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