Fly Fishing can be an intimidating thing for many people. All the gear, flies, knots, waders, and so on can get confusing. The truth is, you can take out a large part of the (for lack of a better word) BS. After all, it’s supposed to be fun! Fly fishing is not just for grandpa, dad, or for uncle Chad. It’s fun for the whole family. If you’re traveling to Yellowstone National Park, visiting Jackson Hole, or simply live in East Idaho stop by one of our shops for our FREE FLY FISHING 101 CLASS!

In the most recent Fly Fishing 101 Class, we recruited head guide Doug Gibson and senior guide Cliff Weisse to teach the basics to two classes of 10 promising anglers. These two Orvis Endorsed fly fishing guides are some of the best and most knowledgeable fly fishing guides in the business. I’ve even heard one of our new guides say, “I have a list of people I’ve wanted to fish with, Doug is one of them.”

Cliff, Doug, or any of our master fishing guides will teach you how to cast, tie on a fly, and other in depth information on how to get out there on your own. This would allow you to begin fishing on any legendary local rivers including the Henry’s Fork, South Fork of the Snake, Teton River, Fall River, Madison River in Montana, and many rivers in Yellowstone National Park.

If you want to learn more, we also conduct a Fly Fishing 202 class. The cost is nominal, and we continue to teach advanced techniques and tips to become a formidable angler.

Call to Schedule a class now:

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