[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Have you ever driven along highway 47 and stopped to feed the fish in Warm River, Idaho? Each year thousands of people stop along the observation deck and enjoy feeding large, hungry trout. The experience is unique and exciting. But many may not know how this unique tradition started.

In the 1920’s, Fred and Berta Lewies built a store and auto service station in the tiny town of Warm River, where they homesteaded and began what is now Three Rivers Ranch. Without electricity, Fred and Berta constructed a wooden box and placed it into the cold water of Warm River to keep milk, soda, and other fresh items cool. Fred and Berta would often stand on the box and throw bread or left over popcorn from the convenience store into the river to fish below. As trout numbers increased, other travelers would stop and feed the fish. At that time, the section of river, just below the bridge was not closed to fishing. Fred and Berta would kindly request that anglers bypass this area so that others could enjoy feeding the trout. The Idaho Fish and Game eventually closed this section of the river to anglers and the land that the observation deck sets on was donated to the state by Harry and Lillian Lewies, Fred and Berta’s son and daughter in law. The Idaho Fish and Game built a large platform that now serves as a place to feed the fish and to protect this attraction.

Today, the observation deck, allows tens of thousands of tourists to stop and purchase pellets to feed the fish. You can also bring your own fish food. The large rainbow and brown trout are anywhere from 8 to 35 inches in length, and will eat bread, chips, crackers and more. Thanks to the fun spirit and love for conserving nature that the Lewies family shared, this fun attraction has been entertaining passerby’s and vacationers looking for fun things to do while traveling to Yellowstone National Park for over ninety years.

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