Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our Guided Fly Fishing Trip Rates.  You can also request a reservation.

All of our four East Idaho locations are close to blue ribbon rivers.  Typically, we want to fish where there are better opportunities to catch the most fish.  By far, the three most popular river (& with the most fish per mile) are the Henry’s Fork, South Fork of the Snake River, & the Teton River.  If you’re into lake fishing, we have Island Park Reservoir, Henrys Lake, & Hebgen Lake.  If you like to wade fish, the Henrys Fork, Fall River, Warm River, Bechler River, and a few more hidden gems we are sure you’ll love!

Typically, we are floating on a drift boat.  You can choose to stay in the boat all day or you can get out and wade certain sections of the river on foot.  There are plenty of places and sections of river that literally, have it all!

Should you want to take a day and hike into the backcountry, we can do that.  There are plenty of places to make your fishing trip exactly what you’re picturing in your head.  We guarantee the fishing, not the catching!

The best time to fish is whenever you can make it out here!  Eastern Idaho has year round fishing available.  However, if you want to fish a certain hatch or in great weather there might be better times for you to visit us.  I would start by looking at our season page for East Idaho.  Next, visit our Lower Henrys Fork Hatch Chart as well as the Upper Henrys Hatch Chart, Teton Hatch Chart, & the SF Snake Hatch Chart.  If you see a hatch that gets you excited, that’s the best time to visit us.

Yes, we have a full selection of fly rods, reels, waders, & boots you can rent for a nominal fee.

No.  Most anglers rely on our selection of flies, others tie their own flies or bring their own.

If you bring your own:  Your guide will look over your selection of flies and will tell you if they will work for the day.

If you need flies for the day:  Your guide will personally select flies that will work throughout the day.  You pay for what flies you use or you can keep the selection of flies to build your arsenal.

Generally, you can plan on using 12 to 18 flies per day.

Can you imagine, being out on the river and you don’t have the only fly that is working?!?  No way!  We won’t do that to you!

Perfect!  A guide’s mission in life is to share the love of fly fishing with the world.  They are hard-core anglers that love to teach and know how to tailor each lesson, tip, or technique to you.  Each TRR guide is Orvis Endorsed and has learned how to teach fly fishing to all levels of anglers.  So if you have never picked up a fly rod or if your significant other hasn’t tried to fly fishing, this would be a very fun experience.

The morning of the trip you will meet your guide (sometime after 8:00 am) at one of our fly shops in Eastern Idaho; Driggs, Ashton, or Island Park.  You’ll need a fishing license, the proper gear, flies, and any personal items.  After getting set up, you will get into the guide’s vehicle and will drive to the river together.  Now is the fun part, you will fly fish all day!  Depending on your day of fishing,  you will return to the fly shop in the late afternoon & evening.  Close your bill & off you go.

It is totally your discretion.  As a general recommendation, we suggest tipping your guide anywhere from $55 to $70 per rod / per day.

We typically use an 8 1/2 or a 9 foot fly rod matched with a 5 or 6 weight floating fly line.

Waders and boots are a good idea in the summer, but a must have in the spring and into the later fall months.  During the summer you can get away with light pants or shorts with sandals.  Make sure and bring a hat, polarized sunglasses, bug repellent, and sunscreen.  The key to having a great day of fly fishing is to dress in layers; long sleeve casting shirt, sweater, nano puff jacket, rain gear, and gloves.  It doesn’t have to be exactly that, but be able to take some off when you’re warm & add more when you’re getting cold.