The Henry’s Fork continues to produce world class fishing as we enjoy these last days of July. In the canyon sections and Last Chance, you’ll want to try golden stone patterns, PMD’s and spinners, nymphing and various stonefly patterns are also working.

Warm River has been a wonderful spot to walk up and down with Sally’s still lingering, as well as the Golden Stone still doing its thing. From Warm River to Ashton, the fishing continues to be great, this is what we love and appreciate about this amazing river.

We have it on good authority that the lower sections of the Henry’s Fork are still doing well, with some sightings of several different caddis varieties coming in. Try Sally’s, caddis, PMD’s, golden stones. Below surface try nymphs, and hopper- dropper combos. If you haven’t already, check out our article by senior guide, Cliff Weiss on fishing droppers.

The Teton River has finally turned on and should be spectacular throughout the upcoming weeks!  The water has lowered and cleared. Among the PMDs and Yellow Sally’s, the report we are hearing is that big foam and hopper patterns have been producing better fish as this week winds down.  Look for a water drop over the next weeks which will make the walk-n-wade scene turn to all motors forward. If you like to walk and wade, consider the tributaries of the Teton. These sections have been equally as exciting!

On the South Fork right now from the dam to the confluence of the Henry’s Fork the fish are stacking up in the riffles. Try PMD’s, and if the fish aren’t taking that, we’re starting to see Yellow Sally’s- give them a try. In the morning and evenings, it’s caddis, caddis, caddis! Also, just a little tip, with all the food available right now, you’ll want to practice some patience.  Wait, for the fish to actually take your fly before setting the hook. That’s how you’ll get ‘em!

Looking for more information? Want to reserve a spot for a guided fly fishing trip with the most knowledgeable – and all around great guides in the area? With five locations, there’s a Three Rivers Ranch/TRRoutfitters location close to you. See you on the river!