Henry’s Fork Fishing Report

Welcome to summer! The warm weather has really sparked an early explosion of Salmonflies on the lower Henry’s Fork, and by most accounts, the fishing has been very good.  Big fish are gorging on the nymphs and eating the occasional adult pattern and look for this trend to continue during the next two weeks or so. The caddis has also made a showing during the past month and most anglers are throwing caddis pupas and larvae in the green and olive color to hungry fish.  The water clarity is fairly good, but look for some color to be the norm over the next couple of weeks.

Teton River Fishing Report

The Teton River is experiencing the first real run-off of the season and should be off-color for the foreseeable near future.  Those anglers wanting to float and walk the Teton lately have been successful with streamers and larger flashy nymphs and worms.

South Fork Snake River Fishing Report

As the looming run-off approaches, the water out of Palisades Reservoir has been steadily increasing with flows reaching 12,000cfs as of this morning.  From the varied reports of many of those fishing the South Fork of the Snake River, it looks as though the fish are eating many varied offerings, with caddis nymphs and pupas in the brown and olive working well.  Of course, those chucking big and bright streamers are also doing well in the lower stretches and the canyon.

With the wonderful amount of water in our three major reservoirs and lakes, along with the amount of water still to come down from the mountains should make for a wonderful fishing season so get out there and either call or stop by any of our locations for the latest in flies or gear and thanks from the Crew at Three Rivers Ranch!