Anderson Ranch Tailwater Fishing Report:

Nymphing small bead head Baetis and zebra variations will be your best bet. Sizes 18-22 for zebra midges in black and red can be productive. Try dropping a zebra off of a brown girdle bug. No need to get an early start.

Nymphing a small mayfly nymph with a zebra midge dropper has been most productive. Keep and eye out for heads throughout the day, have a good supply of BWO emergers and midges as these bows can be very finicky during the winter.

Boise River In-Town Fishing Report:

In these cold winter months in town, be ready to nymph fish. It can be very difficult to find any risers. You may also hook into a planter steelhead fishing sub-surface. Try a large stone fly, prince nymph, or an egg-sucking-leech to a smaller trout fly (zebra midge, pheasant tail, hare’s ear) and bounce the bottom.

Nymphing hares ears, copper johns, and zebra midges have been the ticket in those faster riffles. Again, if you’re not finding fish in the fast stuff, don’t overlook the slow tail-out section of a nice run