Anderson Ranch Tail water:

Flows have stabilized to 1710cfs and will most likely stay at that till irrigation season is done in September. That being said, it’s big bug season and running varieties of chubbys and terrestrials with droppers.

Run a Big Chubby or hopper pattern to a dropper about 2ft. Caddis Pupa and pheasant tail nymphs size 14-18 have been producing. Pound the banks and work the side channels! Caddis and Pinks have been going strong from 2 pm till dark.

Boise In-Town:

Flows have dropped to fishable levels and are expected to stay stable through the summer. Nymphing and streamer fishing can be productive during the heat of the day, while finding risers in the mornings and evening is a great option. Look for structure such as overhanging branches that put shade on the water, the fish should be seeking that shelter all summer long.

Fish the coolest times of the day, early morning or late evening as the sun is setting. The shade on the water gives the angler a nice advantage. Overhanging branches and woody structure produce the most fish every summer. Check the water temperature before fishing the lower stretch in town. Temps have been reaching close to 70 degrees by evening putting stress on the fish, especially after being hooked and played, consider heading up river to some cooler water.