As the water temperature starts to creep up, the fishing is getting better each day. We are catching a lot of smallmouth bass on black buggers, white sparkle minnows and chartreuse/white clousers. We are using a 250 grain sink tip and letting the flies drop for about 10 seconds. Most of the fish seem to be hanging in water 8-10 foot deep. The water temperature in spots yesterday (5/14/19) were pushing into the mid 60’s and we caught a few smaller smallmouth on poppers. The big boys will start looking up hopefully in a few weeks. Nothing better than watching a big smallie crush a popper chugging across the top of the water. The crappie fishing has been off the charts. If you ever wanted to catch crappie on a fly now is the time to do it! We are using size 10 white leeches, size 10 all white clousers and some damsel fly nymphs. Pretty much anything they can get in their mouth they will eat it. Once you find one their are usually big schools with it.

Good luck out there and please let us know how Three Rivers Ranch can help you out on fly selection, info, or to book a guided trip on CJ Strike.

Rob Griggs – CJ Strike/Snake River Guide

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