Owyhee River Fishing Report

Flows are holding around 37cfs and will remain at or around these flows till they crank them up in late spring. Browns are in post-spawn, but please keep in mind that their eggs have been deposited in the riffles and will not hatch till March into early April, so by walking through the shallow riffles, you have a chance of crushing and killing the eggs.

With the low winter flows, longer leaders and tippet of 5x and 6x will be critical to stalking fish eating dries. Having a good midge section and some BWO’s will cover your dries. If you plan on nymphing, using small zebra midge and baetis nymphs will pick up fish. Also, trying some buggers, leeches, and small sculpin variations slow stripped through the pools, and tailouts might pick some fish up.

Boise River Fishing Report – In Town

Flows are around 250cfs and have pushed the fish into deeper pools and slotted troughs. Nymphing is the game this time a year, and the fish are still willing to play trying to stack on that last-minute weight to make it to spring.

Bugs are small, the tippet is light, and you need a good “dead drift.” For our attractor fly we are picking up fish on pheasant tail # 14-16, San Juan worm #10-12, Red Copper Johns #16-18. Our droppers are a lot smaller. Black midge emergers size 18-22, red zebra midges #18-22, WD-40 #18. The streamer bite has been “ok.” We are picking up a few fish swinging the tail outs of the bigger riffles.

South Fork Boise Fishing Report – Tailwater

If you like to wade fish on the S.F. now is your time!! Flows has been hovering around 300 and it makes for a great day of nymphing. Split shot is your friend and your bugs need to be ticking the bottom. If you aren’t on the bottom you need to pinch on a little more weight. We are picking up fish in the faster water that is pushed over a drop off shelf. The fish have definitely been stacking up there.

Towards the warmest part of the day we are seeing fish hitting midges. If you’re lucky you might see some heads popping and eating adult BWO’s sizes #18-20. But most of the fish that are getting stuck have been on nymphs.

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Boise River Fish & Game Regulations

USGS Water-data graph for site 13206000Boise River - In Town @ Glenwood Bridge

USGS Water-data graph for site 13190500South Fork of the Boise @ Anderson Ranch Dam

USGS Water-data graph for site 13183000Owyhee River below the Dam

USGS Water-data graph for site 13181000Owyhee River near Rome, OR