Anderson Ranch Tailwater:

Flows are now down below 300 cfs and the river is shaping up nicely. Seeing good midge hatches in the morning and BWOs have been picking up around 2 pm. Still getting some good caddis and october caddis later in the day till dark. Skating a large cranefly could pick up a healthy bow.

Nymphing a small mayfly nymph with a zebra midge dropper has been most productive. Keep and eye out for heads throughout the day.

Boise In-Town:

Nymphing hares ears, copper johns and zebra midges have been the ticket in those faster riffles. Fish the coolest times of the day, early morning or late evening as the sun is setting. The shade on the water gives the angler a nice advantage. Overhanging branches and woody structure typically produce the most fish. Check the water temperature before fishing the lower stretch in town.

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