LOWER Henry’s Fork

Blue Winged Olives are the name of the game now!  All life cycles.  Mahogany Duns, Pseudos, & Streamers.  There is no real time frame so any part of the day is the best.  Weather also plays a huge part, so when cloud cover is around, tie on a streamer.

Blue Wing Olives, & Streamers

UPPER Henry’s Fork

Nymphing dry droppers and streamers will be most effective above Ashton this week.  Pay attention to the weather patterns, tie on a streamer when cloudy.  Blue Windged Olive, Mahogany Duns, Pseudos, Streamers.  Call our Henry’s Fork Fly Shop in Ashton for additional details about patterns and conditions.

Blue Windged Olive, Mahogany Duns, Pseudos, Streamers


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