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South Fork of the Snake River

Few rivers in America can provide a fly fishing experience like that of The South Fork of the Snake River. The Snake River begins high in Yellowstone National Park and flows through Grand Teton National Park into Palasades Reservoir which borders Wyoming and Idaho. Below Palisades Dam begins the stretch of the river, referred to as the “South Fork”.

The South Fork of the Snake boasts 5177 fish per mile, which makes it one of the most productive Blue Ribbon rivers in the country. The quality of fishing on the South Fork has improved dramatically since a slot limit was introduced. All fish between 8 and 16 inches (the prime breeders) must be released and anglers are only allowed to keep two fish that aren’t rainbows.

For the best dry fly action the river is best fished from July through mid August. The first half of July is the height of the prolific stone fly hatches, which brings just about all of the fish to the surface to gorge themselves on one of the largest dry flies, the largest of the Stone Flies, the Salmon Fly is sometimes 3 inches in length.



Fly Fishing the Snake River

By the first week of August the fish are a bit more reluctant to bite as most have been caught and released several times by then. When the fish continue to refuse dry flies, emerger and cripple patterns are highly effective, especially “when the fish are feeding in the riffles and back channels.
The warm summer days of August bring out one of the trout’s favorite foods, the grasshopper. When the fish are keying in on hoppers and are becoming weary of hopper patterns, try twitching a rubber legged hopper pattern. The twitching motion of those rubber legs can entice a wary fish into a strike.


Palisades Dam Access
This is where the Legendary Blue Ribbon South Fork of the Snake River begins. The river boasts 5177 fish per mile, the second highest number since the mid 1980’s!

Palisades Creek Boat Access
Palisades Creek is part of the “Upper” Section of the the South Fork of the Snake River. Palisades Creek is a decent creek to fish, and close to the popular hiking trail to the Lower Palisades Lake (4 Miles) and the Upper Palisades Lake (6.2 Miles).

Spring Creek Boat Access
The Spring Creek Section is commonly used to begin the two day, one night camp trip through the majestic Canyon Secion of the South Fork of the Snake River. This is also part of the “Upper Sections” of the River

Conant Boat Access
Conant Boat Access is the last boat ramp before the “Canyon” Section of the South Fork of the Snake River. This is the ramp is commonly used to start you day on our Overnight Camp trip.

Three Rivers Ranch Exclusive Overnight Camp
This is our designated Overnight Camp exclusive to our guests. Stay the night in our large canvas tents with floors, warm sleeping bags, New York steak dinner, and an open bar. An angler’s paradise!

Fulmer Boat Access “Cottonwood”
The Fulmer Boat Access is typically called “Cottonwood” by TRR Guides. It is the next closest boat ramp to our Overnight Camp.

Wolf Flat Boat Access
This boat ramp is a basic unimproved boat ramp. It is typically used by Three Rivers Ranch Guides to take out after the “Canyon Section” of the South Fork Overnight Camp trip. The float is approximately 23 miles from Spring Creek Boat Access to Wolf Flat Boat Access. The two day trip is split up by wade fishing.

Byington “Poplar” Boat Access
The official end to the “Canyon Section” of the South Fork of the Snake and the beginning of the “Lower Section” of the river. The Byington Boat ramp is a full feature boat access, with all the amenities. There is 39 miles of river between the Byington Boat Access to the Palisades Dam.

Heise Bridge
A fun and exciting float is between Heise and Twin Bridges. The river can change dramatically from year to year.

Twin Bridges Boat Access
Just off the Archer Highway between Rire & Rexburg. This is where The Snake lives up to its name, you’ll have to be very cautious and on top of oars.

Lorenzo Boat Access
The Lorenzo Boat Access is 54 river miles away from the Palisades Dam. Start here to fish the “Lower Section” of the South Fork of the Snake River on to Menan.

Menan Boat Access
The final stop of where Three Rivers Ranch takes our clients on the South Fork of the Snake River. The Menan Boat Ramp is approximately 62 river miles away from the Palisades Dam.Need an idea of what to use on the South Fork of the Snake River?  Take a look at our hatch chart.  Read More…